Training & Education

Certification & Regulation

ISUM has obtained an acknowledgement for conducting a medical ultrasound education and training program as stated in SK no.126/PB/A.4/96 issued by the Indonesian Medical Association on April 30, 1996:

  • Basic level certificate gives its holder the right to operate ultrasound devices, perform ultrasound examinations, and give ultrasound expertise for his/her own patients.
  • Intermediate and advanced level certificate gives its holder the right to give consultative ultrasound expertise.


  • The course is held by appointed type A or B hospital and coordinated by ISUM
  • The course is held only if the appointed hospital has a sufficient number of qualified instructors and supporting devices such as multipurpose USG, biopsy transducer, video system, and library.
  • The course consists of the following programs:
    • Basic knowledge and specialization
    • Ultrasound devices usage skill
    • Ability to interpret results of ultrasound examinations
  • The course includes lectures, supervised practices, scientific discussions, slide tests, and seminars.
  • The basic course is worth 48 credits and shall be finished in 3 months.
  • The intermediate course is worth 35 credits and shall be finished in 6 weeks.
  • A final examination shall be done by the evaluation committee at the end of the program.
  • To pass the course, all candidates are expected to secure at least a 65% mark.